A Big White Booty Does It To Me All The Time

interracial bbw sex
What’s up people? I was debating on rather or not I should upload this video today and after thinking about it for a few seconds….I decided, what the hell? This young lady was the second girl ever to shoot with me for my bbw series. I met her through her friend Monique. Rilee and I were a little nervous in the beginning but we definitely managed to spark a few flames between the two of us. I noticed how big her ass was while she was wearing some really tight jeans BUT I “really” saw how big it was after she took them off. Rilee would be considered one of the smaller bbw in my book but I was extremely happy to worship her big white booty just as much as I do the rest..lol…”TRUE STORY!” I think the keywords for this update should be…..A Big White Booty Does It To Me All The Time! The interracial BBW sex video and photo gallery are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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