The Biggest Ass – Part2

shy beautiful fat girl showing her gigantic ass in the hotel room
beautiful but very shy fat girl Syrianna showing her gigantic round creamy ass in the hotel room

Gigantic ass shy BBW girl stretching sissy thongs in a hotel room…After the previous update covering this shy but beautiful fat woman, we got tons of emails from our members asking for more content with Syrianna. Still working out of home, because of the covid-19 pandemic we were able to access one of our NAS servers in the studio and found two more clips featuring this huge creamy round booty. As you know this girl is very shy and only agreed to show her ass secretly in the hotel room. At least she spread it, shacked it and massaged it, so we can enjoy all aspects of her booty. The kinky BBW video is posted below. Stay tuned for part 3. Watch Trailer!

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The Biggest ASS Part1

gigantic ass exposed by Shy latina in a hotel room
gigantic round juicy creamy ASS exposed by shy Latina in a hotel room

We tried to measure this huge creamy ass, but our measure tape was not long enough. After being a member of this site for a while this shy Latina contacted us offering her big round booty for our members. But unfortunately she was very very shy and secretive person. We met her in a hotel room by her choice, where she always stayed in a way so we could not see her face completely…But we are still grateful as we have never seen such big phat booty. We were able to film her for an hour or so and take some pictures. Unfortunately some of the pictures are dark as we were in a hurry and forgot to adjust the camera settings. So we split the footage in 3 parts. The high resolution image gallery and the HD video of part one are posted below. Enjoy! Stay tuned for part 2! Watch Trailer!

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