BBW Lesbian Fight

huge fat lesbian stars in BBW fighting match
This is another episode of the BBW Fight club series. Elisa Allure vs Aire Fresco. This time I decided to make the BBW wrestling more difficult by adding specially designed slime. I happened to have a couple of buckets as I needed it form my sci-fi alien sex site I poured the slime over the BBW fighters and began filming. Covered in slime the huge ass babes struggle to grip on each other massive beautiful bodies. Elisa is heavier, but Aire is faster. Elisa gives up first and lets Aire masturbate her pussy while she was resting on the mat. Right after the intense orgasm busty Elisa grabs Aire’s hair and in an instant pulls her down under her large body. There was no choice for Aire but to spread her vagina and let Elisa give her an orgasm too. After the match the BBWs kiss while bending over and exposing their thick sexy asses. I posted a big photo gallery (283 pics) and the erotic HD lesbian video below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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