Goth BBW in slippery situation

covered in tattoos blonde BBW
Hi everybody! Today Selena and I ended up trying something kind of slippery, she came by my house to play twister last week but things didn’t go as planned (I ran out of camera tape, right as things were about to heat up) so we decided to make things happen at a later date. Me and Selena got straight to the point on this one….she was horny and so was I…lolol…so we kind of jumped on each other as soon as we saw one another. She’s a very nice and quiet woman in her regular clothes but once she got naked, she proved to be one freaky woman……and she likes it really HARD! I really enjoyed her curves and I think you will too, let me know what you think of this slippery situation! The movie was split into 2 parts. Part 1 in HD along with small image gallery is posted below. Will post part 2 ASAP. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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