BBW “Couple Fantasies” Part1

BBW Latina First Ethnic Porn
The set-up for this scene was totally unplanned, I had been looking for a nice new big booty when I met this young lady AND her husband at a car wash in Los Angeles. I introduced myself to her and I thought her husband was just a man that worked at the car wash, I noticed that while I was flirting and talking to her he was just eyeballing us with a certain look on his face. So I made a joke about him looking at us and much to my surprise…..she whispered in my ear that he was her husband…NEWLYWED HUSBAND. I felt kind of weird and just as I was about to walk away, she grabbed my hand and told me about one of their “Couple fantasies!” Lorelai explained that he was the only man she had ever been with and that she was dying to be with another man so she could run home and tell her husband all the juicy details. I kind of stepped back for a second but after really looking at the shape of her booty in those jeans…..I figured, what the heck??? We exchanged numbers and kept in contact for a few weeks and finally made a date……guess who dropped her off at my house…..HER HUSBAND!!! That was an eye-opener but she told me that he was just going to go to the movies while she and I got to know each-other better. She explained that they both hoped for her to have a wonderful story to tell once she called him to pick her up. I was a little nervous in the beginning but I soon forgot all about her husband and just jumped all over her nice big round booty! The HD video amd picture gallery of part 1 is posted below. Stay tuned for part 2! Watch Trailer!

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