BBW Romantic Sex Part1

fat sexy latina loves BBC
Hey everybody! I’ve recently been getting plenty of emails from women and couples that are interested in me acting out a few newlywed scenes or just some scenes that kind of replicate some things that couples do at home. This scene can be considered part one of my “couples only” series. Today I’m hanging with a very beautiful young lady named Ana! We met a couple days ago but in this scene, you’d think we’ve been knowing each other for years. I really enjoyed having her as my “girlfriend” for the day! So here’s the set-up………… We started out just talking and getting to know one another and one day I asked her if I could tape us while we made love. Initially she was nervous because she had never done anything like that with her ex-boyfriend but after getting to know me, she was fine with it… long as I paid more attention to her than I did the camera! Ana is such a great kisser and she really turned me on with her bedroom wardrobe, I couldn’t believe how good she smelled or how free she let herself be with me. The setting was very romantic….candles burning, lights down and one HORNY COUPLE! The ethnic HD video and image gallery are posted below. Stay tuned for part 2. Will post as soon as I can.  Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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