BBW lesbians scared of my boy Sid Part1

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Ok people……this behind the scenes footage is kind of tricky. I found it while editing the scene with goth BBW Selena White. The scene is split into 2 parts. I called a few friends to come over and play a few games and little did I know…….they were going to play a dirty game of TWISTER!!! I’m not sure what happened but I think these girls were scared of my boy Sid, so they kind of kept it soft-core (if you know what I mean). It still ended up being something worth looking at because two girls really went at each other while we watched. I also got a few minutes of my boy Sid getting his dick sucked by each girl……post your comments and let me know what type of girl I should hook Sid up with. Take a look at this footage and enjoy………..Thanks!!! (my batteries die right before some good action started).  The HD video and picture gallery of part 1 are posted below. Stay tuned. Watch Trailer!

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